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From WFPL’s Kristin Espeland: 

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama rallied supporters in Louisville Monday night.

Thousands turned out to hear the senator paint a picture of the nation’s problems—many, he said, the result of a Republican administration. Obama spent no time attacking his rival, Hillary Clinton, focusing rather on the presumptive GOP nominee, John McCain.

“John McCain says that our economic policies, under George Bush, have shown great progress,” Obama said. “That’s what he said. I don’t know who he’s talking to. He’s not talking to the people at the Ford plant. He’s not talking to the 260,000 people who’ve lost their jobs since the beginning of this year, across America.”

51 Democratic delegates are at stake in Kentucky’s May 20th primary. Recent polls give Senator Clinton a large lead here, but many political analysts say she has little, if any chance of winning the nomination.

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