Officials with the New Albany-Floyd County School district say they hope proposed cuts will affect students as little as possible.

Officials have suggested cutting art, music and physical education programs in order to off-set a three million dollar budget deficit.

Bill Briscoe oversees the district’s administration and operations. He says even though the programs will be cut, the subjects will remain open to students in some way.

“We are going to be losing the positions of certified teachers, but will children have art activities and have music and have physical education activities we will make sure that those things still occur,” he says.

Briscoe says the district is losing nearly 60 positions at all grade levels. However, some of the losses will come through retirements. Briscoe also says the cuts should not affect the district’s nationally-recognized high school theater programs.

Briscoe says the plan will be presented to the school board for a vote at the next regular meeting March 14.