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State officials say a bipartisan measure passed by the General Assembly this spring is making an impact on the state’s prescription drug abuse epidemic.

The legislation, known as House Bill 1, established tougher regulations of clinics that prescribe controlled substances such as Oxycontin and other pain killers. Governor Steve Beshear announced Tuesday that entrepreneurs are already taking notice.

“Four so-called pain management clinics set up to distribute these pills in Kentucky say that they are shutting down, unwilling or unable to meet new standards requiring medical supervision. In essence, they’re waving the white flag and surrendering,” he said.

Officials declined to identify the clinics, but say two have been monitored by law enforcement in the past.

The new law also requires controlled substance prescribers to use KASPER, the state’s prescription monitoring program. Over the past three months the number of KASPER accounts has more than doubled.