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Louisville Metro Government officials have updated their marketing campaign aimed at reducing the number of pedestrians and bicyclists killed and injured on city streets.          

The StreetSense campaign includes new print and broadcast ads reminding motorists, cyclists and pedestrians of the rules of the road. It also reminds drivers that it’s now illegal to text while behind the wheel. The campaign is funded with a federal grant.

Police Chief Robert White says pedestrian and cycling fatalities were down in 2009, but the first half of 2010 has not been promising.

“This year we’ve had three pedestrian fatalities, one on Preston, one on Dixie and one in Portland, and from my point of view all three of those were absolutely preventable,” he said.

Last year, there were eight pedestrian fatalities in Louisville, down from 24 the previous year.

There’s been one cycling fatality this year; compared to two last year and three in 2008.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."