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On the latest episode of The Guestlist, Andrew Bird and punk legend Richard Hell (of Television and The Voidoids fame) both get personal about how it feels to get personal. With Bird, it was because of his new album, “Are You Serious,” which features some of his most personal and direct lyrics to date. For Hell, it was thanks to his unflinching autobiography, “I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp.”

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Andrew Bird on doing interviews about his latest album: “I have this thing that I want to protect and keep private, yet via what I do for a living it’s being made public. But the fact that I’ve found it and feel comfortable with it makes me want to celebrate it and sing about it. Then that opens me up to all this invasion of privacy. It’s like being stuck in these extended therapy sessions that then get broadcast. It sucks, man. It’s really not good.”

Richard Hell on being honest in his autobiography: “I was very egotistical a lot [in the autobiography], but that’s because I am egotistical. I didn’t want to hide that, either. I could have. I could have been humble, like Patti Smith is so f***ing humble!”