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Comedian, co-creator of “The Daily Show,” and Lady Parts Justice co-founder Lizz Winstead discusses what originally inspired her to incorporate politics into her act. Downtown Boys frontwoman Victoria Ruiz talks about how her heritage and experiences in college influenced her approach to both punk and politics.

Lizz Winstead on how the CNN’s Desert Storm coverage influenced opinions on war: “They were using [night vision footage] and the anchors were all super hot. Like they hired all these really sexy people just to be on the news. I was thinking without any agenda, ‘Are they reporting on a war or are they trying to sell me a war?’ A couple seconds later, my date was like, ‘This is really cool!'”

Victoria Ruiz on the influence of punk musician Alice Bag: “She did something a little different … by putting her Chicana identity up front. Instead of putting the music at the front, she put this other thing at the front. It’s this weird mixture of her identity, what she’s confronting, and her politics. That’s what we’re trying to do, and people get mad at us, because they want us to put the music in the front or put ‘punk’ in the front.”