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It’s all about work this week on The Guestlist. Sort of.

I sat in a very tiny car with the larger than life saxophonist Kamasi Washington and talked about his musical journey and how it feels to be a jazz ambassador. Comedian Cameron Esposito gets into what she has in common with Sally Bowles and why she decided not to become a Catholic priest.

Kamasi Washington on what makes a professional musician: “There’s a bit of a separation between people who play music casually and people who are really immersed in it. Just getting paid to play music [doesn’t make you a professional]. It’s more of…there’s the level of connection that people have in music. Some people have a really deep connection, and some people have a more slight connection. When you get that really deep connection, you can hear it.”

Cameron Esposito on the reality of work: “Yeah, I get up on stage and tell jokes, but 90% of my days is sending emails. I used to be a circus ringmaster, and 90% of my day was still sending emails! All jobs are jobs.”

By the way, that Kamasi Washington record is still cracking open my brain on the regular even though it’s been out a year and a half. If you don’t own it, you should fix that now.