The Guestlist with Sean Cannon
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On this week’s episode of The Guestlist, Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent and Emmy-winning comedy writer Josh Gondelman of “Last Week Tonight” talk about being someone else. In Houck’s case, it’s because of the distinction he makes between his own identity and his musical moniker, Phosphorescent. Meanwhile, Gondelman discusses his big break – being fake Seinfeld.

Matthew Hock on the idea that songwriting is an autobiographical exercise:

“The assumption is made that you must be speaking at all times directly about your personal experience. I don’t think Stephen King ever lived in a hotel and went crazy over a winter.”

Josh Gondelman on the immediate impact of the Modern Seinfeld Twitter account:

“It’s the only true overnight success…that’s maybe even possible. They call it an overnight success because you became famous in one gulp rather than [over the period of years of your career]. But this was Sunday, this thing existed. Monday, ABC News being like, ‘You have 32,000 Twitter followers in the course of 12 hours!’“