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This week on The Guestlist, we have two very different folks who’ve used their formal arts/music training to cut through pretense and connect with people in unexpected ways.

Radiolab creator Jad Abumrad talks about the way music can augment our reality, while Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington discusses his life as a “PG GG Allin.” Oh, and if you have to look up GG Allin, here’s a tip: Don’t do it at work!

Listen to the audio in the player above.

Jad Abumrad on the magic of music in film: “Things could be utterly ordinary and mundane, but then you add the music and somehow something amazing happens. Those little humans on the celluloid become a thousand feet tall, like these demigods — and the music somehow makes that happen mysteriously.”

Tim Harrington on his desire to inspire people by “not overwhelming” them: “There are too few things in this world…that can inspire you to be like, ‘Oh, I’m capable of that.’ I want people to see [my work and say], ‘I could do that. I wouldn’t do it, but I could do it!’”