Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

A two-year investigation by Louisville Metro Police and the Louisville division of the Secret Service is wrapping up with more than 100 indictments. Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Paul Johnson says a few more indictments could be filed in the next few days.

He says a few leaders in the crime ring were running a complex counterfeit check scheme that also included identity theft, check kiting, and opening fraudulent bank accounts.

He says nearly half-a-million dollars was stolen from Louisville banks, businesses and individuals.

“Almost every Louisville Metro bank was victimized,” says Johnson. “There were over 52 individuals who were either victims of identity theft, mail theft, or having their information stolen from their automobiles. There were over 62 businesses and not-for-profit businesses as well.”

Johnson says the local case is mostly wrapped up, but police are investigating the alleged involvement of some suspects in out-of-town counterfeiting rings.