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The number of violent crime in Metro Louisville decreased 2.4 percent from 2011 to 2012, and property crime decreased 10.5 percent during the same time period, according to new FBI statistics released this week.

Homicides—as defined by the FBI—increased from 48 to 62 from ’11 to ’12 and aggravated assault increased 8.4 percent, the FBI said. But robberies decreased 15 percent and “forcible rape,” as the FBI calls it, decreased 19.4 percent.

“Every one of the other crime categories were down and down significantly, but clearly, as we have now worked our way into 2013, we have more work to do,” Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad told WFPL.

Last year’s 2,350 aggravated assaults were the greatest number Metro Louisville’s seen in five years. Still, Louisville had the smallest number of “forcible rapes” and robberies in five years.  (It should be noted: Louisville’s population increased by about 1,000 from ’11 to ’12, according to FBI numbers.)

We’ll have more of Conrad’s thoughts on these numbers—and what may have caused them—coming up soon.

Here’s a year-by-year breakdown by crime in Metro Louisville:

And here are year-by-year comparisons of property crime versus violent crime from Metro Louisville:

Nationally, violent crime increased slightly and property crime decreased slightly, the FBI said. 

Here’s how Metro Louisville’s 2012 statistics compare to every other city in Kentucky in 2012, including the smaller cities in Jefferson County. You can zoom out of the map to see the rest of the state:

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