The New York Times has a story up today about a contentious mine in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The Daviess County Fiscal Court voted earlier this month to allow a surface mine proposed by Western Kentucky Minerals. The mine would abut a Girl Scout camp: Camp Pennyroyal. Now, the decision is being appealed. But in the meantime, it's pitting residents against each other.

Around here, strip mining is a “necessary evil,” said Ms. Moorman, a Girl Scout volunteer for nearly 40 years whose daughter and granddaughter followed in her footsteps at the camp. She would prefer that the land she considers her favorite place on earth not be mined. But if it has to be done, she said, better a homegrown company does it. “We have already fought it twice, and won,” she said. “How many times can you keep fighting?”

For the Scouts, the reality of the mine as a neighbor is beginning to take shape. There is talk of creating a coal badge, to teach girls about electricity from the ground up, all part of “discover, connect, take action,” the Girl Scouts’ new leadership code.

You can view a slideshow from Owensboro here, and the article is here.