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An Anti-Obama Sign

After four decades of support for Republican presidential candidates, Indiana has become a battleground state this November.

Yesterday vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin visited Jeffersonville on behalf of running mate John McCain. Her rally drew thousands of supporters, including Rodney Redden of New Albany, who said he’s worried about the credit crisis.

“The economy I think is the very…yeah the most important. But I mean, I stand on rights, I’m against abortion, me and my wife both are. I think that’s a choice God makes, we don’t make,” he says.

The supporters were asked to wear red in a show of unity with Republican candidates in next month’s election. Tina Roach and her family all wore red sweatshirts to the rally. Afterwards, Roach said she’s supporting John McCain for president in part because of his history of military and public service.

“I think if we pick Obama as president, we’re going to be in a sad shape…I think he’s an evil man, I really think that. I think he’s went to bed with some very anti American associates.”

Many other attendees said they were voting on issues such as abortion, the war in Iraq and gay rights. Indiana has traditionally favored Republicans for president, but polls show Barack Obama making gains with Hoosiers. Obama and his running mate Joe Biden have events planned in Indiana this week.