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On State of the News Friday, we dissected the news story about the suspension of Metro Parks director Mike Heitz.  A television news crew covertly filmed Heitz drinking alcoholic beverages at a local restaurant and then getting behind the wheel of his city vehicle and driving home on five of six consecutive days of observation.

The story itself has been covered and discussed, but there has also been vigorous debate about the journalistic ethics of how the story was obtained (“ambush journalism”), and also questions about the response of the prior mayoral administration to a 2007* DUI arrest by Heitz.

Hear the State of the News discussion with Phillip Bailey and Gabe Bullard below.

Download a copy of the Metro Louisville take-home car policy here.

[*The previous DUI occurred in 2007, not 2009 as stated in the broadcast.]

Brad Yost is a producer for WFPL News and Louisville Public Media.