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Preservation Louisville is repairing a second shotgun house as part of its ongoing project called Save Our Shotguns, which looks to restore some of the thousands of shotgun homes that exist in Louisville.

The group has partnered with the New Directions Housing Corporation, which participated in the first shotgun renovation.

Preservation Louisville Executive Director Marianne Zickuhr says future projects will likely come from similar partnerships, which can help with the costs and physical labor.

“My main strategy has been to see how can I work with other people that are doing good work in the community and what other organizations can I collaborate with to get good work done,” she says.

Zickuhr says Preservation Louisville would like to continue fixing homes in West Louisville where many of the shotgun homes are in disrepair.

Volunteers from St. Agnes Church will assist the group Saturday between 9 am to 4pm at 620 Jordan Ave. in the Algonquin neighborhood to help paint and restore the home.