Local News

The family of two children who were murdered this week in Louisville will be the first to be offered free memorial services and burials for the victims from a new service announced today. The new program is a collaboration involving Dignity Memorial Providers, the Jefferson County coroner’s office and community activist Christopher 2X.

The three partners had planned to announce the new program in April, but the murders of 14-year-old Greg and 10-year-old Nikki Coontz earlier this week prompted them to start the program sooner. The children’s mother is charged with the murders – she has pleaded not guilty.

The donation of a memorial service and burial is an extension of Christopher 2X’s Fight Crimes Against Children campaign – he says it’s more important than other steps they’ve taken.

“When you think about the reflection memorial we announced in honor Cesar Ivan Cano and the playground, that has a certain symbolic significance. But this here really touches lives in the time of need,” said Christopher 2X.

The service will be available to any family of a slain child in Louisville. They can get details of the program from the coroner’s office.