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The U.S. Army’s Armor Center and School is moving from Fort Knox to Fort Benning, Georgia, and the collection of historic cavalry and armor exhibits will move, too.

The exhibits were used to educate troops, but were also in the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor, which was open to the public. Because of the collection’s value to the Army, museum director Len Dyer says the exhibits must stay with the school.

“Our primary mission as far as this current museum is to still train the soldier,”  he says. “And that’s why, again, we stay with the schoolhouse so we can take forward lessons learned, talk about unit histories, customs and traditions and a lot of the other important things for the soldier.”

The museum at Fort Knox will become the General George Patton Museum on September 7th. It will retain its collection of Patton memorabilia and will be augmented with displays on Kentucky and Fort Knox history.