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In the race for Kentucky’s chief financial watchdog, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., endorsed Republican John Kemper, calling the Lexington developer a “constant thorn in the side” of the political establishment.

Kemper is running against Democrat Adam Edelen in a race to succeed Crit Luallen, who cannot seek a third term. Edelen is the former chief of staff for Governor Steve Beshear and released a blistering ad against the GOP contender this week for having personal financial woes.

Polling shows Edelen up by nine points, but Paul says Kemper would bring transparency and honesty to the office.

From the Paul campaign:

You see, the state auditor is the watchdog of your tax dollars. Who is spending it, when and why. Too often, this post is filled by a card-carrying member of the political class—someone who has his eye so firmly on the next office he wants that waste, fraud and corruption are often swept under the rug.

But John Kemper is different.

One of the strongest ideas I’ve heard from any politician in recent memory is John’s plan to shine a spotlight on government spending by putting state government expenditures online—where a simple search by any citizen would uncover problems.

It is a simple, yet powerful idea. Common sense, you might say. But then, John is having to run on this idea this year because no one in Frankfort has had the common sense to do this before!