Senator Rand Paul says his party needs to break away from its base when it comes to war.

In the past, politicians have had a tough time breaking from the base to change party opinion. Think Bill Clinton and welfare reforms.

But Rand Paul says Republicans need to take a similar step on war, and tone down the hawkishness of recent years.

“Well one issue I’ve sided with President Obama on is that I think the war in Afghanistan should end,” says Paul. There aren’t many other Republicans saying that, but I think it is time to come home.”

Paul is also mindful of the eventual electoral benefits of revised foreign policy.

“Perhaps like California, Oregon, Washington, and New England, where Republicans aren’t winning. That I think if you believed in and promoted a less aggressive foreign policy but still a fiscally conservative constitutional government I think that would be more appealing than how we’re doing currently,” he says.

Paul has previously said the GOP should run more Libertarian candidates in those areas to expand their electoral map.