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Louisville’s fourth Pecha Kucha Night was Tuesday, and Mayor Greg Fischer says he is eager for the next one.

The Mayor, who has attended all but one of the events, also had most of his staff present Tuesday at 21c Hotel to try and help them generate ideas.

“So I’m really trying to get the broader community involved, because it’s about big breakthrough ideas, I want the community thinking breakthrough,” the Mayor says “I want my team thinking breakthrough and that adds a little spice to the city.”

A Pecha Kucha event is a series of PowerPoint presentations, given in rapid succession. It was created by a group of architects in Japan who wanted to share ideas on innovation.  The events have become a common occurrence worldwide, and Mayor Fischer says he is excited about Louisville’s efforts with it.

“I want to see Pecha Kucha grow, it’s a lot like the Idea Festival, in terms of the culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, breakthrough  for the community,” says Fischer “so Pehca Kucha does that on a quarterly basis and a little bit of a different format. So we need more of this type of thing for Louisville.”

Each presenter at the event is given 20 slides that change after 20 seconds to keep the presentation moving quickly.  The presentations can be on anything, and Tuesday night’s topics ranged from architectural sketching to an improved transit system for the city.