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Another state agency is investigating alleged abuse under former Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer’s administration. The Kentucky Personnel Board unanimously approved the investigation Friday.

The board’s decision comes after the state auditor’s office released a scathing audit in the spring showing gross abuse by Farmer who served as agriculture commissioner between 2004 and 2011.

Farmer was found to have used state property for personal use, and is accused of not following appropriate hiring and merit policies under KRS 18A.

“As far as what we hope to get out of it certainly one thing is to always education of the public and make sure the law was followed and that takes investigation and corrective action then that’s what it takes,” said Andy Crocker, general counsel for the state’s personnel board, which is responsible for looking into these practices.

Crocker said he’s not sure what additional information might be uncovered, but that the findings could result in criminal investigations.

The state auditor's office forwarded its findings to several other state agencies where abuse may have occurred.