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The second-largest crowd ever to see a Kentucky Derby took advantage of a nice breezy day to drink, bet and generally get silly. As usual, much of the silliness happened in the Churchill Downs infield. We strolled through the masses to see the fun firsthand. Here’s what was going on Saturday:

The so-called “Third Turn” would get packed with dancers as the day wore on. 

“Everybody comes out, everybody gets into it,” said Jenna Wilber, post-limbo, on why she went to the Derby.

Denise Hieatt took a turn with a hula hoop. It was her 18th Kentucky Derby.

The self-proclaimed mayor of the infield, David Humes, with Sally Spencer. He took the mayor title 25 years ago and hasn’t missed a Derby since. “Now I kind of look like I’m distinguished,” he said. And if someone younger tries to take the title? “Bring it,” he said.

Spider-Man. Fanny pack.

And jorts.

Why is Lewis Grant a pirate? He said it was just something he thought of doing while drunk. Richard Dod, right, comes to Churchill Downs a couple times a year from Florida.

Bryan Wilson travels to big events from Detroit to, uh, play chess. He teaches chess and accepts donations to fund a chess team back home. He’d only lost once by mid-day Saturday. 

Not in short supply: alcohol.

Sometimes a nap is a called for.