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Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s fight against an anti-abortion law continues in court tomorrow.

The organization is seeking to have a law that strips public funding from Planned Parenthood and any other organizations that provide access to abortion. Planned Parenthood argues that the state cannot restrict Medicaid patients’ choice of providers. Further, federal money cannot be used on abortions. If a Medicaid patient wants an abortion, that patient must pay for it out of pocket.¬†Through donations, Planned Parenthood will continue seeing current Medicaid patients through the 15th.

A previous attempt to have the law blocked was rejected, but a ruling on tomorrow’s hearing is expected by next month.

Planned Parenthood isn’t the only party challenging the law. The White House and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services say Indiana is in violation of Medicaid rules and as such, could lose its $4 billion in Medicaid funding.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s office is reviewing the challenges, but issued a statement saying its lawyers will continue to defend the law.