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A new initiative aimed at closing unsolved criminal cases has been unveiled by Kentucky State Police.

Nine thousand decks of playing cards, with the names and faces of murdered and missing Kentuckians on the 52 cards in each deck, are being distributed to prison inmates statewide.

KSP Commander Rodney Brewer hopes the cards will spark tips that help solve the crimes.

“They were specifically developed to target one target audience and that is our inmate population in our penal institutions and some select jails throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, because obviously that is where many of the criminal elements congregate. That’s where they talk, and interact, and exchange information on a daily basis,” he said.

Each playing card also carries a telephone number and web address where information about the cold cases can be reported. Commissioner Brewer says similar initiatives in Florida, Texas, California, Washington and Illinois have shown promising results.

The cards can be seen here.