The Louisville Fraternal Order of Police chapter is set to vote Tuesday on a settlement with Metro Government over take home cars.

Last week, the FOP website reported that the city had tentatively agreed to drop fees on officers who use their cars off duty and to repay the officers for the fees that have been collected since they were first imposed in 2008. It’s estimated the settlement would tentatively cost the city about $1 million, though most of the money collected through the fees has reportedly been kept in escrow.

The FOP’s roughly 1,200 members will vote on the settlement Tuesday evening. The Courier-Journal reports that FOP president Dave Mutchler–who has not returned calls for comment–sent officers an e-mail asking them to support the settlement, and stressed four of its provisions:

* The city will reimburse each current and former sworn member for all gasoline fees paid prior to the agreement, or for nearly three years.

* No gasoline fees will be charged to members who do not use a Louisville Metro Police Department vehicle in conjunction with secondary employment.

* Members will pay a gasoline fee for each month in which they use a police vehicle in association with secondary employment. Such fees may fluctuate and will be determined based on the average monthly retail price for a gallon of regular gasoline.

* The agreement will be in force for two years.