With less than a month until the elections, the Jefferson County Teachers Association’s political action committee (PAC) has begun spending money on the three candidates it has endorsed.

The JCTA has historically been the largest financial supporter of candidates in past elections, spending around $1 million in the last three elections, and for the first time a separate PAC called the Bluegrass Fund was created.

The JCTA’s Better Schools Kentucky PAC has spent $40,000 for three billboards and several smaller posters in each of the three open districts (2, 4 and 7), according to Nick Ising of Current Marketing, the company hired by Better Schools. It has also spent $30,000 for radio advertisements, which are expected to begin next week, according to Tim Mulloy of Peritus.

The Bluegrass Fund has raised $67,000, and its leaders say they plan to represent a public voice in the schools board races, which have been financially dominated by the teachers union in the past. The group has not yet announced how they plan to spend their money.

The JCTA has endorsed Chris Brady in District 7, Lloyd White in District 4 and David Jones Jr. in District 2. 

PACs are not leagally allowed to collaborate with any candidate it supports.