After winning a 20-point re-election last November, Governor Steve Beshear enjoys support from nearly two-thirds of Kentucky voters according to a Bluegrass Poll released Wednesday.

The survey found that 64 percent of likely voters approve of the governor’s job performance, which is eight points more than his landslide victory over Republican David Williams in the 2011 gubernatorial race. Beshear remains popular despite the overall acrimony and gridlock in Frankfort that spawned an especially personal General Assembly this year.

The governor’s agenda did not advance much during the legislative session either, but voters cite his political moderation among his best attributes.

From The Courier-Journal:

But they said Beshear, who is a year into his second term, has improved his popularity by taking a more centrist approach, distancing himself from President Barack Obama’s most controversial policies — such as coal regulation — and avoiding contentious social issues, such as abortion and religion.


Joseph Gershtenson, director of the Kentucky Institute of Public Governance and Civic Engagement at Eastern Kentucky University, said some of the poll results can be explained by voters finding the governor personable and distinguishing between state issues and what is happening on a national level.“Governor Beshear has been successful in making sure that he is not grouped with (House Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, that he is a Kentucky Democrat,” Gershtenson said.

The Bluegrass Poll also shows 28 percent disapprove of Beshear’s job performance and that eight percent are not sure.