Here and Now

1:06pm: General Motors has announced its largest profit ever and is giving record $7000 profit-sharing checks to blue-collar workers. Still, there’s a poll from the Detroit News that shows half of conservative voters in Michigan say the anti-bailout positions that Republican presidential rivals Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have taken won’t affect their vote in the Feb. 28 primary.

1:12pm: Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that US and Afghan officials are in negotiations with the Taliban. President Hamid Karzai says he’ll ask for Pakistan’s help in any peace settlement. We’ll get an update.

1:35pm: The fourth annual Derby City Film Festival begins tomorrow at the Clifton Center. It’s an event that has quickly grown during a relatively short existence. When Louisvillians Kristopher and Ashley Rommel launched the festival in 2008, they received about 150 submissions from independent filmmakers. This year, that number grew to more than 400. WFPL’s Rick Howlett speaks with festival co-founder Kristofer Rommel.

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