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The Louisville Coalition for the Homeless will announce soon where it plans to spend the money collected by the Positive Change boxes placed throughout downtown.

The Downtown Management District hung the boxes and encourages passers-by to put money into them rather than give it to panhandlers. In two and a half months, the boxes have brought in $800…all of which will go to the Coalition for the Homeless.

“This way, if you put it in the boxes, we know every cent is going to go to the Coalition for the Homeless for a good purpose,” says Director of Operations Ken Herndon.

The district is now considering letting businesses pay to put their names on the boxes.

“We visited Nashville recently, they have a similar program down there for which they have sponsors for the locations. They said they got more money from the sponsorships than they did the collections. So we’re hoping to mirror that here,” says Herndon.

The Coalition for the Homeless is expected to announce what it will do with the money from the boxes soon. Herndon says one option is to use it to help house a homeless person, but the exact details need to be worked out.