Mr. Obama has sent taped video remarks to be played at a governors’ global climate change summit that’s just taken place in Los Angeles.  In it, according to several news articles, he promised again to lower greenhouse gases 80% by 2050 and to invest $150 billion in energy efficiency technologies.

From the New York Times:

“State officials and environmental advocates were cheered that the president-elect chose to address climate change as only the second major policy area he has discussed as president-elect. In a press conference and television interview last week he said that his first priority as president will be to revitalize the economy.”

And although he has declined to attend the upcoming UN summit on climate change in Poland, he’s relying on lawmakers who are planning on attending to fill him in on what happens. Mr. Obama has been quoted as saying he wants to restore America to a leadership position on climate change, which many countries have been hoping for, for a long time.