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Construction has begun on what officials say will be luxury apartments on the University of Louisville’s Belknap campus. U-of-L Provost Shirley Willinghanz says the new addition is important to the university’s mission because it will provide additional housing and improve graduation rates.

The 500-plus apartments will include a clubhouse, swimming pool, sand volleyball and a sun deck. Willinghanz says U-of-L wouldn’t be able to afford a construction project of this size in its tight budget situation without the help of its developer.

“Our students will live here, Edwards Companies will put the buildings up, but our student affairs staff will be intimately involved in the well-being of the students who live here, so that all of our residence programs will be part of what goes on here, so these will be very much a part of our campus housing program,” says Willinghanz.

The apartments are expected to be open for residents by fall 2009. The developer says monthly rent will start at 500-dollars.