Local News

The Kentucky Public Service Commission has begun the process of vetting rate increase proposals from Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities. The official paperwork for the proposals was filed yesterday.

PSC spokesperson Andrew Melnykovych says they’ll have an informal meeting with the involved parties in the coming weeks to set a procedural schedule. Those meetings may determine if they’ll hold public hearings on the proposals.

“There will be an opportunity for public comment under any circumstance, and written comments are always welcome,” says Melnykovych, “but I think the decision that has yet to be made is whether the commission will actually go out into the field and conduct hearings and if so where and how many of those there will be needs to be determined as well.”

The rate proposal would hike the average LG&E electric customer’s bill by about five-dollars a month. The increase would be around eight-dollars a month for natural gas customers.

LG&E representatives have said they need the money to replace outdated natural gas lines in downtown Louisville and pay for a new plant in Trimble County.