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The illegal recruiting of high school student-athletes in Kentucky is out of control, and athletic officials need help to fix the problem.

That’s what state Rep. Keith Hall told a legislative panel in Frankfort today.

The Democrat from Pike County is proposing a bill that would require all appeals of disputes involving a student’s athletic eligibility to be resolved in Frankfort instead of local court.

Kentucky High School Athletic Association Chairman Julian Tackett says such matters need to be resolved quickly and moving them into Frankfort Circuit Court might help accomplish that.

“The seasons are basically three months long.  You don’t have a window of time where you can have charge and set the trial for nine months from now in a regular civil matter or a criminal matter.  You can’t do that.   You’ve got to roll right now,” Tacket said. 

Hall’s bill would also allow for penalties to be imposed on schools that obtain an injunction permitting an athlete’s transfer,  if that injunction is later overturned.