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Testimony resumed Monday in the reckless homicide and wanton endangerment trial of former Pleasure Ridge Park High School football coach Jason Stinson. Max Gilpin

The prosecution played a 90 minute audio tape interview of Stinson conducted by police on September 14, 2008, three weeks after the death of PRP sophomore Max Gilpin , who collapsed from heat stroke during practice.

Stinson told police that his players were all given mandatory water breaks during the practice, but he did tell a handful of players who had gone to the water station at the end of practice to wait until after a team meeting to get a drink.                    

“None of those guys said Coach, can I go get water, I’m not feeling good, I’m not doing it. None of them said, can I go over there? Max was not one of the four or five guys over there,” Stinson said.  

Prosecutors say Stinson  ran his players too hard in the August heat.    Stinson picture                  

Stinson’s attorneys contend the practice was conducted within regulations.

Prosecutors were scheduled to wrap up their case Monday.


(Photo of Max Gilpin from www.facebook.com)

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