Earlier this year, an LMPD officer punched Denorver “Dee” Garrett in the face while arresting him during a protest for Breonna Taylor. At the time, Garret was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Now, those charges have been dismissed. 

David Mour is Garrett’s attorney. 

“The charges were false, ” Mour said. “They charged Dee as a subterfuge to cover up their bad activity and their bad, unlawful conduct.”

Mour added he plans to continue pursuing a lawsuit against officer Aaron Cody Ambers, along with any LMPD officers who were present and watched the arrest. 

“They beat a man who was restrained. They beat a man who was not resistant. They beat a man who was submitting ━ they could have killed him,” Mour said. “Their worst enemy is the camera. Because, everything they do, the eye in the sky is watching or somebody’s got a cell phone camera.”

Garrett and Mour both said they hope the lawsuit will bring more attention to what they call misconduct from the city’s police department. 

“Metro Police has been getting away with a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff they’ve just been covering up,” Garrett said. “I’m just happy that, in my situation, people are seeing it through television, people are seeing it on social media and everywhere that we can get justice.” 

Mour is currently trying to confirm the names of other officers present at the scene to add them to the suit. LMPD and Ambers’ attorney, James McKiernan declined to comment on pending litigation. 

Breya Jones is the Breaking News Reporter for WFPL.
Yasmine Jumaa is WFPL’s race and equity reporter.