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The protests in Egypt have surprised and inspired a Louisvillian who spent years in the country.

Gray Henry is an American, but her family has lived in Egypt for generations, and she still has relatives in the country.

She says the violence between pro and anti-government protestors is difficult to watch, and she’s concerned that any new leaders who take power will either be dictatorial or corrupt. But, she says the scale of the anti-government demonstrations was unexpected.

“Did the Egyptians revolt the pharaohs, the Greeks, the Romans, the Turks, the French, the British—yes, but not to this extend—to Nasser, Sadat? No. For me, it’s awesome to see something like that,” she says.

Henry returned to Louisville from a trip to Cairo shortly before the protests began. She says communication with her family has been difficult, but she has been able to get through with a land-line telephone. Internet and cell phone service in Egypt have been either shut off or unreliable for days.