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The Kentucky Public Service Commission has approved a proposal from the Kentucky American Water Company to build a new treatment plant and 31-mile pipeline from Owen County to Lexington.

Kentucky American serves nearly 117,000 customers in Fayette and nine surrounding counties.

Officials say the pipeline is needed to serve Central Kentucky.  The action follows last summer’s drought, during which Kentucky American imposed usage restrictions.

Opponents of the plan such as Andrew McDonald of Franklin County say the plant and pipeline will do more harm than good.

“This project will be extremely costly, both economically and to the environment and the landscape in the communities between Owen County and Lexington and also it’s a shortsighted project right now.  The project does not provide long-term drought protection, and it doesnt’ provide a backup source of water,” he said.

 The PSC rejected another proposal from the Louisville Water Company to provide water from the Ohio River.


(Thanks to WEKU/Kentucky Public Radio)

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