Local News

The Kentucky Public Service Commission says it’s looking for ways to improve the commonwealth’s power infrastructure.

The PSC has posted a survey online. Spokesperson Andrew Melnykovych says the commission is seeking information from people who lost power during the ice storm.

“We’re trying to find out how many people had the line basically from the pole to the house down and also how many people had damage to their service entrance, which is the part of the meter base and what’s called the masthead where the line comes into the house, that they had to get repaired before they could have their service restored,” he says.

Melnykovych says the PSC will use the data to explore ways to better protect infrastructure.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about burying lines and what we’re trying to get a sense of is, ‘Would it make a difference if you had all the lines overhead except the line from the pole to the house? If that were underground, would that actually help in terms of reducing the number of outages?’,” he says.

Take the survey here.