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A public hearing will be held Thursday afternoon on the proposed renaming of 34th Street in Louisville. The Metro Planning Commission is accepting comment on a plan to rename the street Louis Coleman Jr. Boulevard.

Metro Councilwoman Judy Green first proposed the new name. Under her plan, 34th Street from Broadway south to DuValle Drive would be named after the late civil rights activist.

Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton later proposed extending the name northward into her district. That’s drawn opposition from residents of the Portland neighborhood.

Green says she doesn’t think the resistance is strong enough to sway the planning commission’s recommendation on the renaming.

“Obviously if there is widespread sentiment against it, they would look at that,” she says. “But I really, really believe there’s much more widespread sentiment in favor of it.”

The proposal is subject to final approval by the Metro Council. Green says she’s open to changing it to accommodate Portland residents. That could mean shrinking the area of 34th Street that would be renamed.