Louisville’s Solid Waste Management division will hold a public hearing tonight on its five-year plan for the city’s garbage and recycling programs.

The plan includes a proposal to ban the use of plastic bags for yard waste and expand composting. As I reported last month, at least one member of the solid waste advisory committee is skeptical.

The five-year plan is required by state law, and is up for discussion at the Solid Waste board meeting tonight. Environmental engineer Sarah Lynn Cunningham is on the solid waste advisory committee. She says she’s in favor of ambitious goals, but has yet to see any evidence that Metro Government will commit to the goals it lays out in the plan.

“I just think that if we’re going do it, let’s do it well,” she said. “Let’s take on a real challenge and let’s do it with our eyes wide open based on what we’ve already learned. I was doing food composting at MSD almost 20 years ago.”

Cunningham sent a memo to the board, outlining the issues she has with the five-year plan. Her expectations are low, but she wants to see the plan amended to change the way the city administers its 12-year-old program for recycling electronics.

The hearing is at 5:30 today in the first floor conference room at 444 S. 5th St., and residents will be invited to weigh in. To read the plan, click here.