Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

Louisville Metro Parks planners will reveal the route for the northeast portion of the Louisville Loop tomorrow night at a public meeting.

Senior Planner Lisa Hite says the section of the loop of bicycle and walking trails between Prospect and Shelbyville Road was particularly challenging, because there aren’t many existing parks that could be connected.

“In some places the trail will be right next to roadways, some places we’ll be able to pull off and have the luxury of going through the edge of a park or something like that,” says Hite, “but it’s a very built-up, fairly developed part of the community, so it was challenging from that area.”

Hite says the general route will be disclosed to the public tomorrow, but changes will still likely be made after public comment and when they enter the design part of the project. The meeting is tomorrow evening at six at Locust Grove.