Kentucky’s Public Service Commission has pushed back the procedural schedule of a rate case involving Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities.

As WFPL reported yesterday, several intervenors in the case requested either the case be dismissed or they be given more time to review documents, after LG&E submitted a revised document last week.

LG&E acknowledged it had filed incorrect information, and the intervenors, including Louisville Metro government and the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office, said they would need additional time to make changes to calculations and analyses.

In an order entered Friday, the Kentucky Public Service Commission denied the intervenors’ request to have the case dismissed but said it would grant a schedule change.

From the order:

Based on the motions and being otherwise sufficiently advised, the Commission finds that the intervenors have raised serious issues relating to the accuracy of the Utilities’ cost-of-service studies. Those studies were filed by the Utilities to support their proposed methodologies for allocating the additional revenues requested in these rate cases. The issues as raised by the intervenors are evidentiary in nature and cannot be summarily decided without the opportunity for a hearing and cross-examination of witnesses.

LG&E had opposed changing the schedule.

The hearing on the case will be held May 9, a week later than it was initially scheduled.