Local News

The polar bear cub Qannik arrived in a UPS Boeing 747 last night in Louisville, and the news was reported by dueling Twitter accounts.  There are two accounts currently claiming to be none other than Qannik herself.  One is @QannikthecubLZ (Official Louisville Zoo account), the other is the rogue @QannikBear account.

Qannik was born in Alaska in January, in April she was separated from her family and was then rescued by the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage.  Last night was the first night she spent at Glacier Run here in Louisville, and according to Twitter, her keeper Jane Anne spent the night with her to ensure that she got acquainted with her surroundings okay.

Meanwhile, @Qannikbear is not Louisville’s first encounter with ‘novelty accounts’.  Another is the popular @fairdalebigfoot, listed as a feral Sasquatch advice columnist.

Qannik will be given some time to adjust to the new habitat and will be off display until she is ready. Meanwhile, she will be available via twitter for updates.