Race Unwrapped

It’s our very first episode of Race Unwrapped, a new podcast hosted by WFPL’s Michelle Tyrene Johnson.

Michelle’s first guest is Sadiqa Reynolds, President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League. A civic leader and force of nature, Sadiqa has been on the front lines of Louisville protests this summer (even when she was recovering from surgery!).

Stephanie Wolf | wfpl.org

She shares insight on Breonna Taylor, the care taking (especially during COVID-19), the importance of the 2020 Election, and the role Black women play in democracy.

“Even when we have not been afforded any level of humanity or justice, we have always been willing to give it. So that’s why we show up to vote every time,” Sadiqa says. “Because we are the ones who have always believed that someday we were gonna tap into the best of. And we’re still waiting for it.”

This episode unwraps how all those topics connect to explain why Black women consistently vote to look out not just for their own self-interest and self-protection, but to protect the best interests of every other American.

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