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Ira Glass, the host of “This American Life,” is bringing his live show to Louisville on Saturday, December 3. The title of the show is “Seven Things I’ve Learned.”

I spoke with Glass recently, and asked him about some of the things he plans to discuss. It got a little weird.

Listen in the audio player above.

On his “seven things”:

“I’ve just started giving this talk — I’ve only given it five or six times, and I keep changing it each time. And it’s a mix of things that have been on the radio like stories, me talking about how we make certain kinds of stories; video, little movies that we’ve made that I think people haven’t seen, animations, things like that; and stuff that’s never been on the air.”

What’s something you’ve learned that you had to un-learn? 

“I think the biggest thing I had to un-learn was self-reliance. I had to do that both in my work life and really in my marriage, too. Before I started the radio show, I was a reporter and producer for All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

“And so basically, I was working on these 10-minute stories, six-minute stories, whatever they were, four-minute stories. And within those stories, I would be in charge of those stories. And I wasn’t in a situation of having to hand things off to other people and just trust other people.

“When I started the radio show, I had no experience at being a boss. And it turns out, yeah, I really had to learn on the job, with my staff telling me no no, you’re doing this all wrong.”

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