Local News

by Graham Shelby

University of Louisville President James Ramsey focused on the importance of universities in a speech Thursday to the Louisville Downtown Rotary. Ramsey said that universities like U of L can play an important role in the economic life of the region.

At the Rotary, Ramsey announced that U of L has reached a milestone in its fundraising: $375 million. That’s halfway to the school’s goal of 750 million. He told the club that investing in U of L would payoff far beyond the school’s campus.

“Great research universities drive great cities,” he said. “For Kentucky to be successful, Louisville, we know, we are the economic engine. And for Louisville to be all it can be, the university must play its role.”

Ramsey cited the university hospital’s proposed merger with Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Health Care and a Colorado-based organization: Catholic Health Initiatives.

“They’ve committed as part of this merger to bring over 300 million dollars of new investment into Kentucky with about 250 of that in this area, to downtown Louisville,” he said.

That merger is still awaiting regulatory approval.