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In Conversation has explored many topics since it started in January. This week, we revisit our episodes on vaping, the vaccination debate and Louisville’s park systems.

On vaping, experts talked about how dangerous electronic cigarettes can be for youth. University of Louisville Professor of Medicine Dr. Daniel Conklin studies how tobacco products affect the lungs, and he said many young people don’t know how e-cigarettes affect them. 

“It’s complicated to look at diseases that take many decades to form,” Conklin said. “Our early work, but also work around the world, suggests that exposure to e-cigarette aerosols are potentially damaging to the cardiovascular system.”

When it comes to vaccinations, confirmed measles cases, lawsuits and opinions about religious exemptions have stoked debate about them. On our show about the topic, Kentucky Health Commissioner Dr. Jeffrey Howard said his job is to spread awareness about the pros and cons of vaccinations.

“There is zero evidence that vaccines are associated with autism or autism-spectrum diseases,” Howard said. “We are really [here to] do what you asked me when we started, and that is: subvert innuendo, bad science. And make sure people really know the facts about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.”

On Louisville’s park systems, officials said obstacles like vandalism and accessibility to some parks will not stop them from progressing. Still, Louisville Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Ben Johnson said everyone must help to keep the parks clean and safe.

“They’re tough to maintain as it is, and we accept that. We have quite a few of them, and they’re needed,” Johnson said. “We have to take care of them. And [when] I say ‘we,’ I don’t mean parks and recreation. I mean the community.”

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