This week, Studio 619 includes a lot of news about the economy.  Gabe Bullard speaks with Regional Federal Reserve Director Howard Wall about the Beige Book and what it says about the national economy and the local economy.  And Kristin Espeland interviewed PNC Financial Services Group’s chief economist about how Louisville compares economically to other cities and how the Derby City might fare in a (gasp!) recession.

The thing is, economists are still wary of saying the actual ‘r’ word.  One interesting thing from Howard Wall is that consumers aren’t spending their money, and it’s hard to tell if that indicates a recession or if it simply means consumers are a little scared because of almost daily reminders about the softening national economy. 

What are you seeing in your daily life?  Have you changed your spending habits?  Are you nervous about the country’s economic future?

Share your stories here and make sure to tune in to this week’s Studio 619 for more perspectives.