I’m not a big fan but I am familiar with Star Trek and I’ve watched a handful of episodes over the years. I’ve also seen a few of the movies and I can see how Trekkies are born. But when I found out reporter Ashlie Stevens was attending a Klingon convention (and that a Klingon convention is actually a thing) I’ll admit that you probably could have heard my eyes roll.

To think that someone could be so devoted to Star Trek — not even the show itself but a species featured on the show — that they would attend a convention about a made up language was beyond me.

Then, Ashlie and I sat down to talk about the convention and the people she met there. And something happened. I realized that we’re all nerdy about something. And what might seem super weird to you might be very important to me.

On this episode of Recut, Ashlie tells me about the people she met at the Klingon convention, and we — along with other WFPL reporters — confess our own nerdy obsessions.

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Jonese Franklin is the WFPL Program Director and host of WFPL's All Things Considered.