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Kentucky’s jobless rate remains in the double digits, at 10-percent in June, the most recent statistics available.

Gov. Steve Beshear is hoping a plant opening in Frankfort is indicative of better days ahead.

One thousand people recently showed up when Mountain Valley Recycling announced it was hiring 360 people in Frankfort.  Now, Gov. Beshear has helped cut the ribbon on the $9 million dollar plant, which recycles plastic waste into resins that will be used for new products. 

“I’m very proud to tell you that across this commonwealth, community by community, job by job, company by company, we’re digging our way out of this recession.”

And Beshear says these are green jobs that will reduce the amount of plastic waste going into landfills.  Company officials say for every 50 million pounds of resin processed at the facility, 275,000 barrels of oil will be saved.